Ger Driesen

Learning Innovation Leader, aNewSpring

Think of┬ásomeone connecting people, ideas and inspiration in the global L&D community and you’ve just created a good description of Ger Driesen. He is the Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring, the provider of an online blended learning platform. In this role, he focusses on sharing the latest insights with L&D professionals to inspire them to design, developed and deliver learning the best way. Ger has a Masters degree in Educational Science from Utrecht University, a Blockchain Strategy diploma from University of Oxford and has a Foresight Specialization Certificate from the Institute for the Future (IFTF).

During his career, he has had a variety of L&D roles, from L&D consultant, trainer and facilitator, to L&D manager and entrepreneur. He’s known as ‘the Dutch L&D trendcatcher’ based on his articles, blogs and tweets on L&D trends and he is a regular speaker at international conferences.┬áHe can be reached via ger@anewspring.com or @GerDriesen.